Linda's Book "Her Rainbow World" review

by Ruby Holiday

The book reads as an intimate interview with Linda as she takes us on a journey describing how she went from being a corporate career minded, “money-driven maniac,” to letting it all go to discover her true self as a painter.

It's an inspiring book showcasing her lively and colorful portraits and prints of her family of fairies, and also a story of Linda's courage to take that jump and risk everything to be herself. This book gives not only insight to how she has gotten to where she is today as an artist, but also insight to her fairies. While most depictions of fairies are whimsical and a little mischievous, but fictional in most senses, Linda creates these creatures as representations of the many different facets of herself, her personality, and her own personal experiences giving her little fairies personalities not often seen in this type of art. They are at times heart-warming and at others, heart-breaking, but every time very real, giving an emotional connection between viewer and artist.


Throughout the book she shares her life not only through her words but through her pictures leaving the reader with a sense that you have sat down with Linda and shared her thoughts and feelings over a cup of coffee as a friend. We could certainly learn a lot from Linda's trials and fears of letting go of the ordinary and predictable to dive headfirst into the unknown in order to explore an endless and limitless world of paint and canvas. She shows us that taking the biggest risks often yield the greatest rewards.


We could also learn a lot from her fairies as they travel through their own world dealing with the often harsh realities of life in a most unconventional way, sharing the gift of discovery and understanding of the world around us, as only fairies can do.

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