Fantasy Artist

Linda Biggs paints fantasy creatures from her home in northern Maryland.

by Linda Biggs

Linda Biggs paints fairies and other fanciful creatures from her log home in the forests of northern Maryland. Her latest series is ‘Little Fairie Freaks.’


"I began painting in watercolors full time in 1999. In the beginning it was simple, pretty characters. Through the years it has evolved as a timeline of my life and what is important to me as a person.


Not long after launching my newfound career, customers were sharing real-life stories of how my art helped help them through a crisis or hard time. Those stories blew me away.


"As I continued, my journey has has taken the colorful path of my personal ups and downs. People seem to relate. Even last week I received a phone call from a man in Ohio, whom I didn't know. His wife had passed away the day before. I had never physically met her, but she had bought my works and emailed from time to time. This was a heartfelt phone call. It seriously gave me chills."


Excerpted from Urbanite Magazine.

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